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MSCI506: Problem Solving Skills for Consultants

Department: Management Science NCF Level: FHEQ/QCF/NQF7//RQF7
Study Level: Postgraduate (Masters level) Credit Points: 15
Start Date: 07-10-2019 End Date: 13-12-2019
Available for Online Enrolment?: Y Enrolment Restriction: Fully available to all students
Module Convenor: Dr IJ Cammack

Syllabus Rules and Pre-requisites

Curriculum Design: Outline Syllabus

  • The module aims to cover the following essential components of problem solving skills for consultants: 

    • The nature and complexity of management problems

    • Complexity in decision making

    • Introduction to problem solving approaches for effective decision making and analysis

    • Systems approaches to managing change

    • Introduction to the consultancy process

      • The consultancy role

      • The consultancy cycle

      • The consultancy relationship

    • Introduction to interpersonal skills for consultants

      • Leadership skills

      • Negotiation skills

      • Time management and prioritisation

      • Effective oral and written communication skills

      • Report writing

      • Team working and teambuilding

    • Key ethical and professional issues in the consultancy relationship

Curriculum Design: Single, Combined or Consortial Schemes to which the Module Contributes


    MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    MSc in Management Science and Marketing Analytics

    MSc in Business Analytics

  • 60% Groupwork
  • 40% Written assessment

Assessment: Details of Assessment

    • Group Assessment 60%: Consultancy Project Case – Oral presentation to client and Group Management report (3000 words)

    • Individual Assessment  40%: Individual Reflective Essay (2000 words)

Educational Aims: Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • Through an introduction to a number of problem solving approaches and consultancy skills, the module aims to enable students to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills such that:


    • They will have a critical understanding of complexity in organisations and the nature of problems

    • They will have an understanding of a range of problem solving approaches and their application to ensure effective decision making and analysis within organisations

    • They will have a critical understanding of a range of practical consulting skills and their application within organisations


Educational Aims: General: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • This module is designed to provide students with the skills, modelling approaches and techniques that will enable them to identify and address problems, and to enable them to recognise the characteristics of effective decision making and analysis within modern organisations.  The module also aims to equip students with consultancy skills applicable to their specific discipline and encourage an appreciation of their importance in career development.

Learning Outcomes: Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate a practical application of problem solving approaches and consultancy skills within modern organisations and be in a position to use them in their later work

    • Appreciate the limitations of such approaches  and their effectiveness in decision making and analysis

    • Demonstrate self-awareness and self-management; e.g. time management; sensitivity to diversity in different situations

    • Demonstrate effective use of oral and written communication

    • Demonstrate leadership ability and facilitate effective performance within a team environment

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